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21/Mar/2010: Aspect Retrieval (Or So)

Since I need to get through 2010 in a hurry, another interesting theme picked out of my journal: the gathering of an aspect of self - but with a big question mark.

Exit after usual vibrations, but this time without helping hands, I seemed then to just lift off again. I did the then usual card check trials (I did this a few times but they never really worked well due to too many fluctuations. I will spare you the torture of reading about those many attempts here.) in my flat and re-entered with ensuing PREE sensations.

Later I manage to do a second exit. This time I 'phase' into an unknown flat. It has a high ceiling, looks like a mansion. I see a man standing there what looks like his bedoom (sheets are tossed in unorderly fashion, bed is not made - looks like s.o. just got up - or like it is in a typical bachelor's flat). He is almost like a statue. He is in shorts/pants only, big white ones. He is very athletic, muscular and sportive, black hair. I just stands there in his bedroom and looks around (not even sure if he looks at me).

Then something happens that surprises me. But it happens with myself. I ask him who he is. But I give the answer to myself before the 'statue' can answer.

"Oh, it's myself. Ok, come with me."

Comments / Afterthoughts:

I've read a lot about the Shaman concept of retrieving soul-parts or parts/aspects of self, also in Bruce Moen's Afterlife Guide Book you find an extensive chapter on this. Monroe talks about retrieving whole incarantions back to the Total self.
I don't have a clue if this is related to this and what's to this concept anyway. So far, I associate "aspects" with the need to find/retrieve or reunite with certain character traits we suppress or even an entire stage of life that was forgotten or suppressed (complete amnesia due to traumatic memories might be an extreme case of this).

I do not understand what led me to these insights ("oh, it's myself"...) at that moment. I do not remember him taking with me or merging with him in any way. I just flew off into another flat at the opposite side of the street. The adventure did not last much longer then and I woke up with PREE, as usual.

When I think about this guy I saw and connect it to aspect (as character trait in this case), the term 'VANITY' comes to my mind at first. I am not very vain, and I am not a little bit more after this experience either. (I AM sportive, although not athletic or muscular, by the way!).
Maybe I am wrong and it was about sth else. But what? Past life? A mistake? A subconscious dream/thought projection of mine? I don't know. What strikes me is the absolute 100% certainty I had at this moment.

Consciousness is a strange thing.

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