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17/Oct/2010: Time Travel To 2194 (Or Alternative Reality)

This time no "exit" vibes but I get lucid in a dream (a method much rarer for me). I was in a city and then started running around asking the people what year it is because I somehow subconsciously know that it is not my time anymore. Don't ask me why, I just knew that this was the case and I wanted the confirmation and information about the exact date. I could not have known from the looks of the city. It looked pretty 'contemporary'. It was a typical middle-sized to small town.
It seems people did not take me seriously. Who would if s.o. did this in a normal city in physical life? At one point I joke with them and say it is a 1000-dollar-question and I am from a TV show.
One thing, however about this city is different. At the nightsky (it was dark) UFOs or light blobs were flying around, sometimes in strange movements making strange light patterns. No one - except for me - seems to be impressed by it.
Then I ran into a newspaper shop to grab some papers and look at the date there. First at the counter I apologize to the clerk and the people in the queue saying that I dont wanna push past them, I just want to take a look at some flyers. Then I change my mind and go to the newspaper stand. As always the case in nonphysical reality the letters and dates fluctuate. I cannot make out any specific number/date first. Then I see the number 2194. After this realisation I wake up with my usual PREE feelings.

Comments / Afterthoughts

I very often have dreams with ufos/lights flying at the nightsky and people not disturbed by it at all. I also have so-called 'alien invasion' dreams (of the War Of Worlds or Independence Day type) with UFOs flying at the sky and/or landing all over Earth and chasing the people. However these dreams are never fearful for me, it seems I rather create them myself for a kind of self-entertainment.

This one was different though. I cannot imaging that it was really the year 2194. As said, it all looked like a today's small town, except for the lights in the sky. The newspapers even looked older. Maybe it was an alternative reality?
However, the most likely explanation would be an Earth-like Astral realm where people from this time-frame live as they lived before. But how to explain all my fussing about the date? Calendar dates would make no sense on this plane then, after all. Where did my obvious 'knowledge' come from?

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