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17/Mar/2010: The Helping Hands & Post-Reentry Electricity

In this lucidventure, we see two new striking elements, that remained a consistent 'theme' (with variations) of my experiences even until today: the "Helping Hands"and "Post-ReEntry Electricity" (PREE).
(a note in anticipation for the fussy ones among us about logic and linguistics: post- and re- is not a redundant doubling of two prefixes actually meaning the same thing, 'post-' here really means to decribe what happens after re-integration, not during it.)

According to my log, I again was on my back with both arms raised and a trembling (vibrations) much "lighter than during my very first success" (note how I felt the need to note this down again! ;-)).
Suddenly two hands grab the hands of my outstretched arms and "help me up and out". It seems, I also asked for it. I fly around in my room but I do not see anybody else, so the helper remains 'invisible' even in the astral for me.

The second one is a constant accompanyment of almost all my lucadventures. It happens after re-integration and after waking up. That means I am wide awake (and in no trance) when I experience it. It is an electric, chilly feeling around my entire body and it lasts for about 20 seconds to half a minute, sometimes even longer. It always pops up after a lucid experience confirming what I already know anyway: I did not have a 'normal dream'.

Comments / Afterthoughts:

This lucadventure is of course much longer than I wanted to describe here since I focused on the two themes.

As to the 'helping hands', I have three hypotheses as to its cause(r):
1. Myguide
2. Myself
3. Myhigherself

(4. after this was repeated on different lucidventures I by now can exclude the fourth hypothesis of any other astral projector or entity that "happens" to be present there and then.)

As regards 1): that can of course be any other 'facilitator' as well (and it turns out in later lucadventures, this might even be a likely case)
As regards 2): possibly my subconcious "I" 'creates' the hands to be used as an "exit tool", just as other projectors create ladders or ropes to get out.

I also asked about my 'PREE-phenomenon' in the Astraldynamics Forum of Robert Bruce, but as it turned out to my utter amazement that almost no one experiences it. Just like the hands and the peristaltic waves, it seems to be a real typical thing for me only.

Recently, I noted that it also appearas as a fading sign in the Astral. So it is more 'around' that point of re-entry (before and after). This has one advantage for me: When the fading sign (PREES) appears while out-of-body I can counteract it by focussing on my environment (more on how learnt to do that and also how to increase your memories of all your lucidventures in a later post).

There is an exciting development with the "helping hands" recently. To be reported soon.

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